Why Thin Film Instead of Kapton® for your Flexible Microcircuits?

Posted by Shawn Martin on 12/20/16 3:51 PM

The ultimate factor in deciding when not to use the Kapton polyimide film manufacturing method is a combination of desired size and flexibility. Basically, the moment you’re uttering “micron” as opposed to “mils”, best to start thinking about thin film.


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Electroforming Versus Subtractive Electrolytic Processes

Posted by Shawn Martin on 6/20/16 7:00 AM

Electroforming, electrochemical machining, and electrical discharge machining all use electrolytic baths. But only one is additive, which helps explain why it’s also more precise.

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Electroforming Versus Photochemical Machining

Posted by Shawn Martin on 6/14/16 11:12 AM

Both methods employ photolithography to fabricate nano-scale structures. But where one adds material to exposed surfaces, the other subtracts — with far different results.


For a very long time component makers have widely applied photolithography as the go-to technique for fabricating extremely small features. The tiny circuits in a computer chip are the most obvious example. One reason is simplicity.

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