What Medical OEMs Should Know about Ultra Miniature Fabrication

Posted by Shawn Martin on 4/9/15 3:53 PM


Knowing how to more effectively source small parts at high yields is a key success factor for medical OEMs looking to pack highly innovative designs into very small products.


We are receiving a lot more inquiries these days from medical OEMs. These companies are busy turning a growing backlog of scientific innovations into marketable products that will advance healthcare and grow businesses. And because companies see the opportunity to deliver much more value with fabricated parts, they need parts that are much denser and more complex. So every day they challenge us to test the limits of what is possible and make it routine.

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Miniaturization in Medical Device Design

Posted by Shawn Martin on 3/10/15 10:09 AM


To us, the question is less, “How is miniaturization impacting the development and design of medical technology?” and more its reverse. Medical design is increasingly impacting miniaturization. Testament to this, as a micron-scale process developer and manufacturer, we’re receiving more and more requests from biosensor and device designers looking to push the limits; circuits need to bend and carry added functionality, line traces and spaces are smaller and tighter. It challenges us to push our own boundaries and explore new approaches to new materials. As devices get smarter and faster, new markets and opportunities will continue to open.

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